Meet Dr. Diane...

I was introduced to chiropractic in 1986 when my college roommate applied for a job with a chiropractor.  Little did I know that driving her to fill out the application would change my life.  While she completed the application the chiropractic assistant explained the purpose of chiropractic – to restore your body’s function by relieving nerve interference – it made such simple sense to me that I made an appointment to have my spine checked.  Five months later I was on my way to Atlanta to become a Chiropractor.

I came to Florida after graduating to be close to my family.  I love being a Chiropractor and I get to practice in paradise. 

As for me – I practice what I preach.  I get my spine checked weekly.

Thanks for visiting our site.  I look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can help you achieve your individual health goals.